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In the popular imagination, meditation retreats can be uncomfortable and silent places. Meditating for hours on hard floors and not exchanging two words with anyone is certainly the experience some retreats offer, but this isn’t the whole story. If you simply want a boost to your wellbeing rather than dedicate a week to intense spiritual advancement, there’s plenty of retreats…


Sometimes it’s fun to take the kind of vacation that you’ll need a vacation from—think a whirlwind tour of Europe, traveling from city to city to see the sights. But if a spiritual journey is more your speed, you might want to try a meditation retreat. People have been practicing meditation for thousands of years, seeking inner peace and a…


Learning about other cultures isn’t only a great way to discover more about the world; it’s also a great opportunity to introduce yourself to new foods, beliefs, and practices that can better your life. Meditation, for example, is an ancient practice that originates from Eastern cultures, but has been embraced by people all over the world. In the most general…

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