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Unplug: A Case for Ditching Technology on Vacation

Technology has essentially become an extension of our physical selves. And it’s no wonder – we rely on technology for many things. When all of those resources play such an important role in having each day run smoothly, it’s hard to imagine disconnecting from it. But, when you’re traveling and on vacation, doing that may be just what you need.

This blog exists for the very simple reason that it is not easy to stay healthy when you’re traveling. On the road, we all have a hard time avoiding stress, getting enough sleep, eating properly and maintaining exercise routines. But this week at USA Today, Nancy Trejos offers up six tips for maintaining your health while traveling. Staying healthy is…

Egypt's President, Hosni Mubarak has pulled the plug on the Internet and on most wireless and SMS service.  This is a pretty drastic step for a government to take and luckily, fairly rare.  However, it made me think that we should point out the dangers of being over-reliant on services that may not be available. There are lots of pieces…

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