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[caption id="attachment_13010" align="aligncenter" width="710"]Susan Eckert with a male silverback gorilla on a gorilla trek in Uganda. Susan Eckert with a male silverback gorilla on a gorilla trek in Uganda.[/caption]

“Lions on the runway!” a voice yelled over the speakers on Susan Eckert’s plane. She was finally about to land in Kenya for her African Safari adventure. But, when the plane approached the airstrip, they saw them – lions lying on the airstrip. As the pilot pulled the plane back up, he told her and the 16 others on the plane that the lions loved to lie on the warm sand of the runway.

For as long as she can remember, Eckert was fascinated with Africa. It was something about the exotic animals and the people there – she wanted to go to Africa.

There’s nothing quite like that liberating feeling when you’ve embarked on a trip on your own. Nothing but you and your camera and, of course, a map. And although every traveler should take safety precautions when visiting a new country, those going stag should add a few more things to their list. So if you’re planning on finally making that…

Traveling alone is something that rarely crosses the average traveler’s mind. What’s the fun in exploring the world without a buddy by your side? According to Leslie Atkins in her book No Strings Attached: the Savvy Guide to Solo Travel, however, traveling solo can be the experience of a lifetime, and even better than traveling with companions. Although the book…

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