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Unplug: A Case for Ditching Technology on Vacation

Technology has essentially become an extension of our physical selves. And it’s no wonder – we rely on technology for many things. When all of those resources play such an important role in having each day run smoothly, it’s hard to imagine disconnecting from it. But, when you’re traveling and on vacation, doing that may be just what you need.

Neptune by Finis MP3 Player

It’s easy to waterproof your electronics by storing them in plastic baggies. However, they are very difficult to use that way. Thanks to recent trends in technology, vacationers can find a wide variety of waterproof or water-resistant electronic devices that are convenient and easy to use at the beach, lake or swimming pool. Panasonic Lumix TS5 Camera This waterproof camera…


It’s hard to imagine a time before smartphones and apps enabled us to book hotel rooms, research restaurant reviews, or purchase tickets for attractions. While some will say they miss the days when traveling to a new city meant exploring the unknown, learning from your own mistakes (and not those of others), and discovering lesser known treasures, we have to…

Thank you to representatives from Expedia.co.uk for sharing this interesting infographic with us! As we pointed out in a previous post, there are some things you need to leave behind or detach yourself from in order to relax and rejuvenate while on vacation. This infographic offers some more ideas. Taking a break from work -- and technology -- is important for your overall…

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