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Dinner Celebration in China

As a Westerner, your trip to Asia will be filled with exciting new experiences as well as a few challenges. The time difference, new foods, and complex itineraries can throw even the most experienced traveler for a loop. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all, however, will be the different customs and traditions you’ll encounter along the way. Navigating them successfully…


If you’ve ever traveled before (you have, right?), you’ve likely witnessed or personally experienced an encounter with an obnoxious traveler. From berated flight attendants to loud talkers to the person who reclines their seat so far back, they’re practically resting on your lap—these types of travelers are sadly not uncommon. The Golden Rule is important when you’re traveling too; travelers…

When you travel to a new place, you usually have some concern over making sure you adhere to local customs and etiquette practices (assuming you have some level of self-awareness). What’s the proper greeting? How do I cross my legs without offending someone? Is my go-to hand gesture considered obscene? Smart travelers pay attention to travel etiquette, and we’re here…

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