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One of the most magical aspects of summer changing into fall is the vibrant colors as the leaves change. The beautiful fall foliage and the crisp and comfortable weather is the perfect combination for getting outside to hike, bike and walk. While fall across the U.S. is beautiful, there are just as many breathtaking destinations around the world boasting picture-perfect…

Anti-government protest in Kiev

If you’ve paid even a little bit of attention to the news for the last week, you know that there are plenty of angry people out there, and they’re not gonna take it anymore. The headlines have been filled with stories of protests in Kiev, Ukraine and Caracas, Venezuela, as well as the very sudden mass resignation of the Egyptian…

When most of us travel, we tend to eat differently than we do when we’re at home. And by “differently” I mean “more.” As we’ve discussed here numerous times, enjoying native cuisine is a significant part of investigating a new culture, and I, for one, would never tell you to not fully explore the place you’re visiting. But eating without…

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