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person ziplining through a forest

Adrenaline is a hormone and neurotransmitter. When you have an adrenaline rush your heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration, blood sugar and metabolism all increase. Your breathing ramps up. Your body even releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone, into your system. The feeling is thrilling. It’s exciting. Many of us find the effect of a large dose of adrenaline dumped into the…

Zipline in Nosara

The types of trips where you move from one lounge chair to another, split your time between a pool and a beach, and take afternoon naps on a hammock are what dreams are made of. These vacations allow you to leave your stress and worries at home and truly relax and reset. While all this rest feels amazing and leaves…

Zip Lining Costa Rica

To some, the thought of jumping hundreds of feet off a cliff into a pool of water below is terrifying. And then there are those who think, Where can I sign up? If you’re part of the latter group of adrenaline junkies, you’ve probably done your fair share of thrilling activities. But there are some places around the world that…

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